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Modern Fashion designs inspired by the beauty around us.

Inspired by Asia

Having traveled through Asia extensively I have come to enjoy the beautiful zen-style, modern and classy architecture and designs in particular. Both ink paintings and modern Japanese posters inspire me – the traditional and the new.  Please take a look at my range of designs Inspired by Asia.

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Duvet Covers, Blankets and Cushions - Designed by Wu Wei Designs

Home & Living

Please check out my growing Home & Living Collection which includes mugs, travel mugs, blankets, wall clocks, bags as well as accessories for mobile phones and tablets and also stationery. The designs vary and in the beginning will be from the Abstract, Asian and City Collection.  However, check back regularly and watch out for more ….

Face Masks

The new “normal” is indeed a challenging moment. However it is one of those moments that simply “are” – no matter how upset we are, how depressed we might even get, the situation is as it is. So why not use it and try and make the best out of it. With the restrictions and guidance of using Face Masks every day when commuting or shopping, I decided to at least make the masks look stylish and fun. So here are some of my designs, I hope they bring a little smile to your face too.

Wu Wei Designs Home