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Unique, Fun, Sassy and at times Kawaii T-Shirts

Please select the type of design you are interested in below. You will be taking directly into the category at my Etsy or Redbubble Store. I appreciate your visit – with this and possibly a purchase you are supporting an independent artist. I hope you enjoy my designs.

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With your visit and possibly even purchase you are supporting an independent artist. I very much appreciate your visit to this website. I am doing my best to create products that match the highest in quality while working on creative and stand-out designs. I do hope you find what you like and that what I have to offer is matching your expectations. Thank You for your support.

About Me

I am an independent artist creating and designing unique, sassy, fun and at times kawaii T-Shirts and Fashion. I also create some accessories like mugs and tote bags. Please feel free to browse this Wu Wei Designs Store my Etsy or Redbubble Shops.